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Over the years the Professional Liability and General Liability insurance market has experienced cyclical disruptions with senior living facilities seeing significant premium increases and, in many cases, the inability to get coverage at all. MGU and wholesaler broker Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services, specialists in the senior living sector for more than 20 years, looked for a solution to address the challenges facilities were facing in obtaining cost-effective coverage. The result: The formation of Midwest Insurance Group, Inc.,  a risk retention group designed to provide senior living facilities with a viable, long-term stable alternative solution to the traditional Professional and General Liability insurance market.

Managed by Caitlin Morgan and owned by its policyholders, Midwest Insurance Group, Inc. a Risk Retention Group enables members to have more control over their insurance costs. A strong dedication to both risk management and claims management helps yield strong risk profiles among its member-owners and stable pricing. 

Midwest Insurance Group, Inc. , a Risk Retention Group is reinsured with our “A” rated partner, Lloyd’s of London.  

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Members of Midwest Insurance Group gain the benefits of stable pricing due in part to favorable regulatory environments. Give us a call (855) 687-2691 to discuss how we can help your clients limit their liability costs and gain coverage they can rely on for the long term.