Best Ways To Recruit Nursing Home Care Providers

Nursing homes constantly have to deal with staffing challenges and often do not know the best ways to recruit nursing home care providers. Likewise, the past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic have brought these issues to the forefront. However, recruitment problems have always been an obstacle in the industry and nursing home liability.

Recruiting New Providers

If you’ve had to resort to panic hiring in the past and dread sifting through dozens of resumes from unqualified applicants, it may be time to rethink your hiring strategy. Here are ways to handle your nursing home staffing issues and increase your chances of hiring qualified personnel:

Adopt the “80/20” Policy

To recruit nursing home care providers, many recruitment managers recommend allotting 80% of your time to the recruitment process. Thus, it allows you to leave the rest of the time for interviews. Set aside a single day to interview candidates and plan and actively seek out recruits for the rest of the week. 

Talk To Your Existing Clients

Your existing clients can be a valuable source of information. Find out who their favorite care providers are. You can then look for that person’s contact details on Google or LinkedIn and approach them for a possible interview. 

Explore Your Social Media Channels

LinkedIn is always a good place to dig up leads for potential new hires. But don’t neglect your other social media channels. You could probably find groups or pages dedicated to the senior care profession on Facebook and Twitter. You could also explore the networks of your current staff for good prospects you can invite to connect with.

Modify Your Payment Policies

Consider offering higher pay for more challenging schedules such as the weekends or second shifts. You could start by providing a pay differential to your current personnel, which allows them to earn more money.

This strategy also enables you to fill the more complex shifts in your organization and free up opportunities for new hires. And if no one in your existing workforce is willing to change shifts, they aren’t likely to feel slighted if you offer the opportunity to new workers. 

Make Inquiries at your Local Church

Places of worship can give you good leads that you wouldn’t have come across otherwise. Drop by your local church, synagogue, or other areas of prayer and ask if they have any congregation members that might be a good fit for your facility. If you’re lucky, you might find someone with a background in nursing care.

Look into Learning Institutions

Schools and other learning institutions are worth checking as well. You can try talking to the administrators of high schools and community colleges in the area or nursing schools and universities. Many of these places will have career coordinators that you can approach directly for recommendations. You could even offer to host a resume development or skill-building seminar to discover feasible candidates.

Reconsider Previous Applicants

Finally, consider revisiting your pool of previous applicants and finding out if they are worth hiring. It can be especially effective for reconnecting with candidates who may not have been the right fit for your facility when they first applied but may be better suited for the position now. 

You can revamp your hiring process to ensure better chances of attracting qualified candidates. By implementing the tips suggested, you should be able to improve your nursing home workforce.

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